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YogiStoned Logo Gold

Tell us about YogiStoned:

YogiStoned is a yoga inspired apparel brand. The meaning behind the name is simply the feeling that stays with you after a few deep and slow breaths or a yoga practice. Calm yet awake and aware. Strong yet soft. Each design is created to help you reconnect to your true self, both on and off the mat. Every purchase also helps give back yoga, thanks to our partnership with Yoga 4 Change who is doing incredible yoga things for those in need.

Tell us about what you do:

I’ve been teaching yoga for nearly 10 years and practicing for over 15 years. I’m also a writer and have been in advertising for over 30 years. Yoga was a way for me to free myself from the daily stresses of work and life, but it also helped relieve anxiety that I’ve been struggling with most of my whole life. Prior to a regular yoga practice, I experienced a series of panic attacks, and other challenging side effects from anxiety. Yoga and meditation became a way for me to work through the causes of my anxieties. My passion for yoga and creative writing in a way, “yoked” one day and became YogiStoned.  

What are your self care / wellness rituals?

I have a daily ritual of self-care. The first thing I do is positive affirmations in the morning, to bring the most, feel good feelings I can muster and sit with that higher energy. When I set that tone, both physically and mentally, the not so good stuff during the day seems to bounce off, a little bit like a shield of positivity. Of course this is a practice, and it doesn’t always go well. When things fall apart, or I feel the heaviness of a depression, or anxiety raises its head, I do my best to acknowledge the feelings but not let them carry me away. Meditation, a regular yoga practice, and more meditation helps a lot.

What drew you to SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to sponsor this year?

I first heard about SoulFest Revolution a few years back when it was in Brooklyn. (Truth be told I wanted to come to Brooklyn! I wanted to practice yoga down in the heart of the city. ) Being from Detroit, I loved the idea of bringing Yoga to people who don’t always have access to Yoga. Yoga for everyone feels like one big giant hug. I wanted to be a part of it. Last year, SoulFest needed to be online, so I offered to create a new Soulfest logo! I’m so proud to say that the logo has lived on and is now this year’s logo! I absolutely cannot wait to greet and meet all of the good soul yogis, to share YogiStoned, and to share Yoga stories! Please stop by the booth for a hug! Namaste! Melissa


Earth Ahead Eco Shop Logo
Tell us about Earth Ahead, what you do, and how you got involved with them?
Earth Ahead is an expression of my values and passions combined—my love for nature, for animals, for humanity, for health, for beauty, for artisanal goods, for small businesses, for the creative process and for mindful way of living. Our mission is to offer quality natural, eco-friendly products to make everyday green living easier and more affordable for anyone who wishes to try.

This journey began when at 30 I adopted a formal meditation practice to deal with grief and stress. I started to wake up to a whole new reality of myself and became more aware of how my actions impact everything and everyone. And I also became more aware of the stuff that I used on a daily basis and discovered so much unnecessary packaging, plastic—just pure clutter! Slowly replacing item after item, I started to fill my home and my life with good-quality, sustainable and toxin-free products that actually last. And so I created EarthAhead.com, a place where I curate all of my favorite eco-friendly products to share with the world.

What are your self care / wellness rituals?
My day begins with a glass of  water and a 20-minute meditation, then yoga or a workout. Although I enjoy longer meditations and aim to get in a one-hour meditation in the morning if I wake up extra early. I also enjoy journaling, especially on the days when there is a lot on my mind. I try to pause and have at least one restful break during my work day – sometimes I lie down for a 20 min nap or do a short guided meditation. I also have a dog who takes me on daily walks which I am grateful for.

What drew you to SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to sponsor this year?
It brings me great joy to be part of and support such an amazing wellness event that is free and accessible to everybody! My business is located in Brooklyn, NY and it is a wonderful way to give back to my local community.


Hodo Founder Portrait Minh
SOULfest Sponsor - Hodo

If you are the founder, Tell us about Hodo and what inspired you to form your business.

Some of my fondest memories from growing up in Vietnam are going with my grandfather to get fresh tofu from the local makers. When I came to the US, I couldn’t find the delicious, nutrient-dense, plant-based foods I had grown-up with. After some years working in finance I decided to make them myself. In 2004 along with co-founder John Notz, we started making and selling organic tofu and other plant-based products in farmers markets throughout  the San Francisco Bay Area. In the decades since, we have grown to supply thousands of retail stores and restaurants with our delicious tofu and plant-based products, conveniently ready-to-eat and versatile for dishes from soups to salads to stir-fry to sandwiches. We have stayed true to our roots, using only the best organic ingredients, traditional methods, and innovative recipes. . Hodo products are high in protein, fiber, calcium, & with bold, globally inspired flavors, so you never have to choose between craveability  and health.

What are your self care / wellness rituals?

I keep healthy by eating a majority plant-based diet,  I exercise at least three times a week, running in the Berkeley Hills or playing Ultimate Frisbee.  And most importantly, I get a good night’s sleep each night!

What drew you to SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to sponsor this year?

We are aligned with SOULFest NYC on the principles of bringing health and wellness to everyone. We believe in education about and access to delicious and healthy tofu and plant-based foods for all. We like to say that, at Hodo, we make food for everyone who loves to eat!  


M2Ü NYC logo
M2Ü NYC logo
Tell us about ilastrate, what you do, and how you got involved with them?
ilaStrate creates functional works of art that inspire yoga practice and lifestyle while upholding eco-conscious commitments.

I am an artist, designer and lover of yoga with a background in the commercial art industry. I founded ilaStrate after years of being dissatisfied at my 9-5 as art director at an art firm. I was introduced to yoga around 2009 and I LOVED it. I wanted to combine my artistic capabilities with yoga to create a brand that would support the lifestyle I wanted and needed, and along the way, it became clear that my mission was to bring that joy to other people and inspire yoga practice and lifestyle. I wanted to do this in a way that we could not have a negative impact on our environment. Fans can read about our eco-conscious commitments and efforts on the Philosophy tab of our website.

What are your self care / wellness rituals? 
I have a breathwork routine and meditation in the morning and evening. I take CBD and CBDa before bed and 1-2x throughout the day for sleep and overall calm.  Each morning, I drink hot lemon water and celery juice and have a light breakfast. Essential oils are an important part of my routine as they calm me and I use them for my skincare and hair health. I make a lot of my own herbal remedies from my garden and teas as well as my own kombucha -I try to consume these regularly for vitality and overall wellness. I practice yoga at least 2x a week and go to the gym for weightlifting when I can. I also love to be in nature so I try to make that a regular occurrence; living near the LI Sound helps for walks to and on the beach which is my favorite place to be.

What drew you to SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to sponsor this year? 
I truly believe in community and I believe that yoga is the key to peace in the soul of humanity. 

My Brand mission is to inspire movement to self realization through creative expression – Our Brand Philosophy is “Save the World, One yoga mat at a time” – I think if we can all move a little bit higher in vibration through yoga and community we can create peace in ourselves and ultimately peace on Earth; what better way to facilitate this than to support one another and come together in the most diverse City on the Planet, in our own home state of New York! So looking forward to SOULfest! Will see you there!


M2Ü NYC logo

Tell us about M2Ü NYC, what you do, and how you got involved with them?

M2Ü NYC is a high-performing, skincare-infused makeup brand with easy-to-use, multi-tasking products at an affordable price. So no matter your budget, how much or how little you wear, you can always be the unique Ü.

 I founded M2Ü NYC after a decade of working as a beauty executive for big companies like L’Oreal and Estée Lauder. I noticed that many people could not afford high-quality makeup due to the price, so I created my own lane in the beauty world driven by my vision to provide EVERYONE with an affordable, top-tier level of makeup!

 What are your self care / wellness rituals?

Being a mother and having a business, especially a young business where I wear all the hats – it’s like having two babies. It’s honestly so hard to remember doing self care sometimes. However, playing with and wearing makeup give me a way to be creative and I see it as an expression of self care in the form of pampering. It’s actually proven that putting makeup on and even simply looking forward to playing around with a new look gives the brain a boost of feel good neurochemicals, which results in improved mood and reduced stress!

What drew you to SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to sponsor this year?

Being a local NYC brand we love to be part of the community, especially with awesome wellness partners like SOULFest. We would love to share our brand in the event so more people can benefit from buying high-quality makeup without stressing over the prices!


SOULfest - Cindy Kasindorf - Remedy Organics
Remedy Organics - logo
Tell us about Remedy Organics and what was your inspiration to create the company:

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I have always been intrigued by ancient wisdom and turned to natural remedies instead of a medicine cabinet for healing and prevention. I founded Remedy Organics in 2017, fueled by a passion for holistic wellness and countless friends and family encouraging me to make my signature functional shakes and cleanse programs accessible to everyone. Since then Remedy Organics has evolved into a leading functional beverage brand offering plant-based, protein-packed, superfood-charged, and nutrient-dense wellness shakes and immunity boosting shots. Our mission is to bring convenient, functional nutrition to the world in the form of plant-based beverages that are accessible to all.

What are your self care / wellness rituals?

Journaling is a great way to bring mindfulness to your wellbeing and eating habits. I also make sure to do something for myself that energizes my spirit each day. For me, being out in nature is an immediate and natural de-stressor. It can be as simple as stepping outside to connect to the earth and focus on your breath, taking in your natural surroundings.

What drew you to SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to sponsor this year?

I was inspired by SOULFest’s mission of making yoga and wellness accessible to everyone. Remedy Organics is also a local brand based right here in the NYC area, and our team is looking forward to bringing people together in our community!



Tell us about Top Seedz, what you do, and how you got involved with them?

Kia ora! (That’s ‘hello’ in Maori.) I’m Rebecca, transplanted Kiwi from New Zealand, busy mum of three and owner of Top Seedz. As an avid traveler and sports enthusiast, healthy eating influences the way I live—and the way I feel. We believe that when we eat healthy, we can create positive change within ourselves and in the world.

For years, I had made seed crackers and roasted seeds at home, and thought “why not share my snacks with the rest of the world”—and that’s how Top Seedz was born. It took a life full of adventure and experience to create these better-for-you snacks and I hope you enjoy them with your favorite dips, cheeses and maybe even a glass of wine. They are hand-made, organic, gluten-free, vegan and delicious!  Little Seeds. Big Flavor. Made with good, natural ingredients, to make you feel good, naturally.

We sell our  in Wegmans, WholeFoods, Tops, Giant, Erehwon, and many small local grocery across the U.S

What drew you to SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to sponsor this year?

Top Seedz has a vision to grow happiness and good health in every BODY with delicious, appealing, healthy crackers and snacks using seeds. We wanted to join SOULFest because we also believe that yoga and wellness should be accessible to every BODY!


SOULfest sponsor Glish logo

Tell us about Glish, what you do, and how you got involved with them?
Glish was born out of a passion to create a family friendly sparkling water that provides a little more fun and a plethora of functional benefits. Being born and raised in a joint family environment and with the pandemic we really thought that a simple but powerful sparkling water would / should satisfy the needs of families who are unable to live a wellness driven lifestyle.

What are your self care / wellness rituals?
Eat healthy and stay happy

What drew you to SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to sponsor this year?
Being a local NYC brand it is always satisfying to be part of the community. And if you can be part of the community with a wellness activity like Yoga it is a cherry on cake. Top top it up if you have a sparkling water with functional benefits that’s like a double cherry on top 🙂


Tell us about bevCacao, what you do, and how you got involved with them?

I was diagnosed with the same cancer that we lost my brother too 18yrs earlier. They put me into an intense treatment plan. It ended up being 3 yrs, including 6 surgeries, 4 week long sessions of the most toxic chemo and lots of infections and side effects.

During that, I learned about nutrition and how I could use it to heal my body. Once I started doing the health/wellness changes, I began to “breeze” through the treatment.

I was making nutritional juice concoctions, geeking out on mapping the nutrition to the blood tests. After that time ended, I began working to make the drinks more convenient and eventually created YUMtrition meal shakes. While developing those, I was learning everything you could possible know about the ingredients I wanted to use. That led me to a 30 day bean to bar chocolate school where I would learn everything about chocolate so I could use raw unprocessed cacao powder (which was rare at the time). It was there that I was introduced to cacao fruit and became obsessed with it. It’s the most nutrition dense food in nature.

Again, geeking out on the fruit, I discovered a way to get the juice from it which stores a lot of the nutrition. Now we have bevCacao 🙂
What are your self care / wellness rituals?

My wellness rituals consist of everything in moderation. You have to live a little, causer life is too short. So indulge on occasion and moderate most of the time so the indulgences don’t ruin you.

Covid motivated me to put all of the health, wellness and lifestyle changes I made during the cancer and what I have learned since, on paper. I always wanted to do that because I often discuss it with people. So I finally put it on paper and into a 34 day challenge. I give it away free and it even includes a 2 week professionally created meal plan. Check it out Healthyourselfchallenge.com

Earth Science

EarthScience logo

Tell us about Earth Science Beauty:

Earth Science plant-based solutions for skin, body and hair offers beauty that’s kind to you and kind to the planet. Innovative and affordable, our pH balanced skin and hair care solutions, backed by science, help to enhance and support healthy skin and hair for all. Cruelty-free and  paraben-free always, and fragrance-free and gluten-free options designed with your needs in mind.

What are your self care / wellness rituals?
Earth Science is passionate about delivering products you feel good about using by discovering new ingredients from nature to improve formulations, prioritizing sustainability in packaging and day-to-day operations, and giving back through ongoing philanthropy programs.

What drew you to SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to sponsor this year?
With responsible practices, and sponsorships with awesome wellness partners like SOULFest NYC, Earth Science is working to strengthen the relationship between nature and community. By sharing the common goal to improve our planet, everyone can be a part of the solution towards cleaner energy, cleaner air, cleaner water, and forest preservation for future generations.

Alyssa Snow

Tell us about MindBodySoul and what inspired you to form your business.

My vision to create MindBodySoul Yoga + Wellness started to form around 2004/5 when I was doing a lot of yoga and my personal process of awakening started. As part of that process, I sought the help of many different kinds of healers such as acupuncturists, herbalists, massage therapists, reiki masters, shamanic healers, tarot readers…you name it. I experienced it. And each of those experiences added to the rich fabric that was my awakening experience.

So much so that I felt called to open a studio that was centered around yoga but also offered all of these healing services under one roof. I wanted to create a true Home for Healing with an active and involved community of teachers, healers and students.

And I can say, after 10 years, that vision is now fully formed. Patience truly does pay. Visions, when well formed in the mind and the heart, will manifest. But that manifestation takes time, it takes form on a timeline that is not our own. I’m always learning that lesson.


What are your self care / wellness rituals?

My self care and wellness rituals shift a bit depending upon the fabric of my life. I have three elementary-school aged children so i’m a really busy working mom. The foundation of my self-care is meditation. It is non-negotiable. I meditate when I first wake up and before I go to sleep. I practice physical yoga a few times a week and get monthly massages and acupuncture.

Ultimately though, my best wellness ritual is self-kindness and grace. I’m an intense person and I feel that being a mom is hard and so is being a business owner is hard. So when I find myself being hard on myself for whatever I was not able to get done on any particular day; i double down on self kindness and compassion. I make an extraordinary effort to speak to myself (in my mind) as lovingly as I would speak with my most beloved friend. This, i would say, with my meditation practice, is everything to me.


What have been your past experiences with SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to sponsor SOULFest again this year?

I had a really great time last year! SOULFest NYC brings together so many like-minded souls in one awesome uptown place. I had the best conversations and met some lovely people. And of course, it’s a great way to get the word out about MindBodySoul Yoga + Wellness and all the awesome services we have to offer.

Russell Case

Tell us about Pure Edge, what you do, and how you got involved with them?

Hi, I am Director of Partnerships for Pure Edge. I was one of the principle founders ten years ago when it was just Sonia Jones, myself, and our ED Eugene Ruffin.
Pure Edge Inc. was founded initially as the Jois Foundation with a vision for self regulation for underserved kids everywhere. Over the years we’ve had an ambition to scale and greater reach and so we have pivoted from direct service in demonstration sites in major cities to teaching stress management to educators.


What are your self care / wellness rituals?

I am an ashtanga yoga student for the past 26 years, and do my best to cultivate a well rounded mobile body. It’s important to me to instill and maintain a habit for diaphragmatic breathing in response to any stressor. It is the only antidote to knee jerk reactions. We would all be well served if we could breathe deeply first before hitting tweet. Dr. Eva Blum at UCSF describes this habit, and coined the term vagal tone.


What drew you to SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to sponsor this year?

My friend Lara Land is an inspiring leader and philanthropist and she recommended this as a venue to help children and so we see SOULFest NYC as an exciting opportunity to foster self regulation in our next generation of kids.


Tell me about Bowery and why it is important to you.
Bowery is the modern farming company that’s growing food for a better future by revolutionizing agriculture. Bowery combines the benefits of the best local farms with advances made possible by technology to grow produce consumers can feel good about eating.


What are some of your wellness rituals.
Bowery democratizes access to fresh food and serves people living in urban areas, where there is currently little being done to improve access to healthy food. We wholeheartedly believe in locally-sourced food as part of wellness.


Why did you decide to partner with SOULFest NYC and what are you looking forward to on July 13th?
Wellness and healthy eating are key to the Bowery mission. This is a natural fit with SOULFest NYC. Harlem is in important community we work to serve. You can find Bowery products in the Whole Foods Harlem on 125th St!

Jivana Heyman

Tell us about AY and why you started it.
Accessible Yoga grew out of my teaching yoga for people with disabilities over the past twenty-five years, as well as my past as an AIDS activist. In particular it came out of my frustration that there was very little support for yoga teachers who are bringing yoga to marginalized communities outside of the commercial yoga industry. So I created an organization to support teachers doing the work that I admire. The Accessible Yoga Conferences are an opportunity for education and networking with a diverse group of teachers and yoga. We get to know each other, learn from each other and share resources.

This work is essential in reframing the way that yoga is being practiced and taught in the West. We need a new model of community-based, equitable and accessible yoga – and that’s what we’re trying to create. There are so many amazing people out there doing great work, and we’re interested in focusing on the work they are doing.


What are your self care / wellness rituals?
I was blessed to learn yoga from my grandmother when I was a small child, and yoga has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. My daily yoga and meditation practice evolves and changes a little each day. I try to let go of expectations for myself, especially as I age. Some times I focus on strengthening, sometimes relaxing. But I always do some yoga every day. I feel blessed to have access to these ancient practices which are so powerful and effective. It pains me to think of a life without yoga, and that is part of my mission to share yoga with everyone who may benefit from it.


What interests you about SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to partner SOULFest this year?
My work is based on grassroots activism, and I love the grassroots community nature of SOULFest. Healing occurs in community, not in isolation – and that is a message that needs to be shared more broadly. Western approaches to healthcare and medicine usually remove the individual from community and look at physical problems divorced from mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Even worse, we look at the individual separate from the community. There is an essential thread that ties us to our community – we need each other. I’m so glad SOULFest exists to bring together people in real life, outside of social media, to connect and to truly heal.

Keto Snaps

Tell us about Keto Snaps, what was your inspiration to create the company:
LISA: As a holistic nutritionist for close to 20 years, I had been experiencing a dramatic increase in clients coming to me with gut issues, food sensitivities and weight loss challenges. This experience, coupled with the rate of obesity, diabetes and autoimmune conditions statistically on the rise, I was compelled to go beyond my consulting practice and develop a product that would fit into my client’s busy lives, satisfy their desire for sweet, and provide healthy nutrition without compromising their health.
ANDY: I’d been searching for a business to call my own for a number of years. My career in the corporate sector as an art director / designer was a means to an end, but the corporate setting was never a great fit for me personally. Inspired by Lisa’s cookie creation and driven by the task of branding and packaging them, I was thrilled to step into a larger role to stear the business forward as a whole.


What are your personal self care / wellness rituals?
LISA: With my hectic schedule and running 2 businesses, free time is sparse, but I make sure to take time to wind down at the end of a long work day to have a nourishing meal with my husband, relax with some Netflix and get a good night’s sleep. I observe a ketogenic dietary lifestyle and almost daily intermittent fasting. Keto-Snaps aren’t just for others! I eat them daily as part of my fat fasting period. I also make an effort to see my personal trainer weekly and go for chiropractic adjustments at least 1x/month to maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system.
ANDY: I’ve relied on running, yoga and strength training since adulthood to stay fit and healthy, body and mind. I have a personal yoga practice that is the result of lots of class time earlier in life and I meditate most days based loosely on Buddhist principles. I would label myself a sloppy student across all, but consistency has proven to be the key. Lisa and I live for Spring/Summer tennis season and cross train with high intensity frisbee in the park and love hiking. I maintain a cyclical ketogenic dietary protocol and have learned the significant benefits of a good nights sleep.


What drew you to SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to sponsor this year?
Keto-Snaps are out to redefine the idea of the cookie in much the same way as SOULFest is out to redefine the entrenched Western idea of the yogi. The versatility and simplicity of Keto-Snaps are what set it apart and are what we believe make it ideal for the varied needs and interests that the diversity of the yoga community represents. We feel Keto-Snaps and SOULFest are aligned in the championing of diversity, inclusivity and boundary breaking across our complimentary categories and look forward to building community and alliance with like minded people.

Mahasin Phillips

founder of Atmosphere ThreeSixty

Tell us about Atmosphere 360, what was your inspiration to create the company?

Together, I have 16+ years of experience in Women’s Health-Breast Cancer, Brand Management & Creative Direction in the Beauty Industry. I am forever inspired by the mind-body-spirit wellness aspects of health and wellness that occurs with self-care and connection to Spirit. My vision for founding Atmosphere ThreeSixty is to inspire women to connect to their truth, be empowered and influence positive social change.
Atmosphere ThreeSixty offers simple self-care rituals for the Girlboss on-the-go. Our small-batch, SAGE+ smudge sprays are certified organic and handcrafted with the intention to awaken the beauty within, and cultivate a renewed atmosphere or space that is both High-Vibe + Cozy.


What are your personal self care / wellness rituals?

As a Girlboss and single Mom of 3 kiddies, there isn’t a lot of alone time of which I personally need to be grounded and creative. So, while everyone is still resting I wake up super early to pray, smudge with my Sage+ spray and enjoy the quiet moments before starting my day. I have a gym membership that I use mostly to meditate in the sauna and sweat out the toxins. LOL Also, I really enjoy hiking 3-4 times a week just to connect with nature and be inspired by Mother Earth.


What drew you to SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to sponsor this year?

I knew I had to be apart of SOULFest because it’s all about celebrating the wellness community and the people who cultivate it.
I believe as women we have this innate, transformative power to redefine our lives at any moment. When we collaborate, we create lasting shifts that will help us build and strengthen our communities and ultimately the advancement of global wellness.
I am deeply driven to help women connect to their truth and balance their souls. . .by reminding them that at any moment you can begin again.


Fay Wolf

New Order®

Tell us about your work, New Order®, and what inspired you to form your business.

I formed my business because I wanted the freedom to be my own boss while helping people in a deeper way. New Order® was born in 2006, as an in-home decluttering business based in Los Angeles. It’s grown into a book, New Order: A Decluttering Handbook For Creative Folks (And Everyone Else), and is now an online course as well.
While the work I do is for anyone looking to have a little less clutter and a lot more control, I especially love working with creative folx because I am one. Art-making has brought lots of glee and wonder (and therapy) into my life. And a big reason I’ve been able to create efficiently is because my decluttering and productivity skills are in check (usually). So I love showing others how to do the same. Most of all, I want people to feel even a little better and a little freer. Progress matters, no matter how small. I want to share how embracing our own humanity and imperfections can lead to greater joy, enhanced creativity, clearer spaces, and happier hearts. 

What are your self care / wellness rituals?

Allowing rest and believing in my own worthiness are big ones. Limiting social media is another. Lately, I’ve been healing inner wounds and outer pain with journaling practices learned by Nicole Sachs, LCSW. I start my mornings with light yoga/stretching, followed by journaling, a short meditation, and if I have time some drawing or singing. In the afternoons, I’ll take a short neighborhood walk. TV’s been great lately too! 

What drew you to SOULFest NYC and why did you decide to sponsor this year?

I’ve known and admired Lara Land and her work for many years, and I’m thrilled to be able to collaborate in this way. One upside of the pandemic is that so many people around the world can connect in these new, beautiful ways. Very happy to be a part of that.




THE ROUNDS profile photo
Tell us about The Rounds and why you started it.

The Rounds is a zero-waste refill and delivery service for the stuff you use every day. 

Today, residential addresses receive more package deliveries than commercial addresses for the first time in history. Founders Byungwoo Ko and Alex Torrey sought an alternative to packaging waste and single-use plastics.

Each week on Refill Day, our team will bring your bundle in a tote with your items in reusable glass jars. When you’re done, you just leave your empties on your doorstep, and we’ll swap them out for new ones! Basically, like a modern day milkman, but for everything.

Where do you hope to grow in the future?

As the demand grows for zero-waste products, more and more manufacturers will invest in sustainability. We’re excited to expand our product offering of local faves and sustainable staples.

What drew you to SOULFest?

We know SOULFest attendees can help us wipe out waste. Our mission is to make sustainability convenient and convenience sustainable for greener neighborhoods and happier neighbors.

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