November 6th, 2021

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Adrianna Naomi

Pilin Anice

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Three and a Half Acres Yoga

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Sacred Space • ASTORIA




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Saturday, Nov 6th

8:00 AM Bre Scullark

  • A.S.H.E.S : We rise through Awareness, Solution, Healing, Empathy and Service Breaking down barriers of common stigmas around PTSD, Racial and Social Injustices, Addiction, Childhood Trauma and more. This Trauma informed Yoga Workshop is designed to explore the many components trauma and the different layers one may experience while facing and or functioning in crisis. Students will be guided through a trauma conscious yoga session with time allotted for Q&A on why several yoga postures are restricted from the trauma practice. It is suggested that participants come prepared with a personal journal, comfortable attire for movement portion of the workshop and an open mind. This practice may challenge some of the traditional yoga asana movements but will enlighten students on how to keenly adhere to what feels right when exploring the eight limbs of yoga.Students will leave this workshop with a greater understanding of self and tangible tools to begin or continue their personal journey on the path towards Shanti.

9:00 AMPilin Anice

  • Gratitude Connection: Movement & MeditationJoin in for a breath centered, movement practice that flows freely with sequences to stretch and strengthen the body, shed stagnant energy, awaken the heart, and ignite inner radiance. Together we will move and breathe to increase and embody the vibration of love and gratitude. The Session concludes with a brief grounding meditation.

10:00 AM – Local Studio, Sacred Astoria

  • Simply Flow with Kyle DuPreeSimply Flow is vinyasa based class focused on the individual practitioner. A flow that stays true to the dharma, yoga practice not yoga perfect. Realizing that yoga is about finding true strength in simply arriving on your mat. In this class you’ll build alignment that works for you and your flow. Breathing in and out of asanas while building strength both mentally and physically.

11:00 AM – Local Studio, Mindful Harlem

  • Meditation: The practice of non-practice with Edward DuncanEssentially, there is a misconception about meditation. The presumption is that there is something to do to get better in order to be less anxious or more calm. The practice does not entail changing anything about you. Through the exploration of our direct experience, we slowly come to the realization that the separate self is an illusion and all that is required is to relax, observe and surrender to what is arising and dissipating from moment to moment.

12:00 PM – Local Studio, Align Brooklyn

  • Yoga Flow with Beau DobrikovA breath to breath practice that flows through asana in a vigorous, yet intelligent sequence that challenges a student of any skill level. Based in alignment to ensure your safety and encourage stability. Modifications will be offered. Accessible to all levels.

1:00 PM – All Beings Yoga

  • Yoga for All with AnitaHave you wanted to try yoga, but believe it is not for someone of your height, weight, age, gender, level of fitness, degree of flexibility...? FACT: Yoga is for EVERYONE. If you can breathe, you can do yoga! Experience yoga with an instructor who makes the practice fun and accessible. With her compassionate and light-hearted teaching style, Anita's classes are perfect for students who are new to yoga and want to practice in a fun and accepting environment. Informed by her health care background, Anita makes yoga accessible and fun for everyone: people recovering from injuries, people with physical limitations and people of all sizes and body types. This class will be accessible for both chair and mat-based practices.

2:00 PM – Adrianna Naomi

  • Billingual Power Vinyasa (English & Spanish) Experience the revitalizing benefits of Power Vinyasa through an energetic and breath-driven practice. Class will be taught in English and Spanish. Open to all levels. // Descubre los beneficios revitalizantes de Power Vinyasa a través de una práctica enérgica centrada en tu respiración. La clase se enseñará en inglés y español. Apta para todos niveles.

3:00 PM – Three and a Half Acres

  • Trauma-informed Yoga Class led by Lara LandIn this class participants will be guided through a series of poses to help strengthen the mind-body connection and promote a feeling of safety, normalization and validation for traumatized individuals. Time is spent leaning into, reflecting and sensing the inner state of the body to make empowering choices and provide you with the opportunity to explore what you need in each moment. This class is open to anyone interested in learning about and/or experiencing trauma-informed yoga.

4:00 PM – Mecca

  • The YOMA Method FlowYOMA Flow is a form of martial arts, meditation and traditional Chinese medicine. Qi Gong movements are self-healing. It focuses on balancing the mind,body, and soul, stimulates your Qi, the life force of the body and breathing to improve the health of the organs. Qigong provides you with a calm mind and increases spiritual, mental and physical awareness. It allows you to concentrate on your priorities and become intuitive. You will feel the energy moving through your body with each and every movement. Move with Power, Confidence and integrity.

5:00 PM – Yoga Alliance Community Conversations

  • Healing in a Pandemic World This panel discussion will feature a distinguished yoga teacher, a yoga philosopher and a practitioner/artist who will discuss the role of yoga in maintaining health and balance. Although the Pandemic is not over, there is still cause to celebrate the healing benefits of yoga at this time. Maya Breuer, VP Cross-Cultural Advancement, Yoga Alliance will be the program moderator


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