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Join us January 23rd-24th for SOULFest’s first online festival, an international experience featuring yoga diversity from around the world

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Sunaina Rangnekar

Seane Corn


Dianne Bondy

Donna Noble
Miriam Castillo

Miriam Castillo

Miriam Castillo

Nikki Walker
Three and a Half Acres

Sunaina Rangnekar

Sunaina Rangnekar

Amanbir Singh

Amanbir Singh

Amanbir Singh

Nina Boswell Brown

Life Elements

Tamara “Cuchira” Levinson

Adrienne Enns

Paula Pavlova

Tabay Atkins

Susanna Barkataki

Leucas Miller

Nikki Myers

Jonah Kest


Saturday, January 23rd

9am – Dianne Bondy

  • Celebrate Your Body: A joyful mindful asana flow rated E for everyoneLet's celebrate the skin we are in by flowing with joy, mindful movement, and breath. This multilevel vinyasa flow class offers multiple levels of accessibility so everyone can enjoy practicing together. Come celebrate what your body can do.

10am – Donna Noble

  • Yang Yin Slow Flow for EverybodyLet's celebrate the body we are in with this Body Positive Yang Ying slow flow. This class is accessible for everyBODY. Come and move your body because you love it. This class starts with a series of soft deep stretches on the floor and then transitions to a more dynamic series of standing postures to get the energy moving through the body. It then slowly moves back onto the floor to work on deep stretches.

11am – Miriam Castillo

  • Coloring with IntentionArt is the creative expression of the subconscious mind. It allows what is unconscious to come to the surface and been seen, heard, felt and experienced. In this session we will have the opportunity to explore the mandala and experience new forms of meditation through coloring. This creative mandala workshop will provide a deeper connection to art as meditation and connect to your inner child.
    This session is part of our ALL ACCESS ticket offering. Your purchase of this ticket supports SOULFest and our mission to keep yoga and wellness inclusive, informative, and accessible to all.

12pm – Amanbir Singh

  • Community Conversation: Diversity, Inclusion, and Transformation in the Yogic CommunityBuilding a conscious community involves making a welcoming space that is safe for the transformative benefits of yoga & meditation. Whether as a studio owner, a teacher, or a student, the community benefits with awareness and commitment to antiracism.In this conversation, we will explore practical and integral ways to create a welcoming environment that supports diversity. Also how to align yogic values to include the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color’s experiences.

1pm – Lara Land

  • Global Impact ManifestationThis creative visualization workshop guides students to explore and manifest their definition of bliss with the understanding that deep sustainable happiness can only happen when our desires are connected to a greater good. Students are introduced to the 'As If' principle where they become and fully embody their dreams. These dreams are made actionable by creating small, doable goals which grow self belief. Guided journaling and collage meditations help bring their new visions to life.
    This session is part of our ALL ACCESS ticket offering. Your purchase of this ticket supports SOULFest and our mission to keep yoga and wellness inclusive, informative, and accessible to all.

2PM – Tamara “Cuchira” Levinson

  • MOVMEANT MEDITATIONMovMEANT is a movement meditation technique created by Tamara 'Cuchira' Levinson. It is for those seeking a deeper understanding of oneself through the body's eMOTIONal discharge. MovMEANT uses the natural intelligence of the body as the tool to seek CLARITY by mapping sensations in the body, guiding us towards inner freedom. Allowing the body to speak frees the mind from its constant need to take charge.The most beyoutiful thing about MovMEANT is that it only requires you to be present. MovMEANT playshop focuses primarily on moving through felt sense while listening to your YOUnique body conversation. Expect to leave this PLAYshop inspired with a clear mind and a light body. The body doesn’t lie. Give it a chance to “speak” and it will set you free.

    All levels welcome, you move like you and nothing other than an open mind is required. Come move back into your freedom!

4PM – Life Elements

  • Life Elements Presents The ABC’s of CBDCBD is all the rage now with claims it will solve all your pains, anxieties and even improve your sex life! We’ll pick apart those crazy claims and more importantly, give you a solid understanding of CBD, how it works, what it's good for, and how to comparison shop.

5pm – DJ Taela Naomi

  • Dance Party with DJ Taela Naomi

Sunday, January 24th

8am – Jeremy Lim

  • Power and Alignment®

9am – Three and a Half Acres Yoga

  • Trauma Sensitive YogaFind a way to be fully alive, in the present, and engaged with the people around you. In this class I’ll be inviting every yogi to accept themselves exactly where they are and be open to where they can go. We will explore reawakening sensation in the body in a way that feels safe and grounded. Bring a chair and any props that work for you!

10am – Paula Pavlova

  • Yin + Crystals YogaThis class is designed to restore, find flow, and realign the body with gentle movement + crystals corresponding with each chakra, ending in a long-held savasana with 'crystal tones' + Nepalese singing bowls.

    We will begin with a virtual intention setting circle and group breathwork, followed by 30-45 minutes of Yin Yoga postures and gentle movement. The last 15 minutes of class will be reserved for a guided meditation, tapping into the energetics of each chakra and the crystals that correspond with them, accompanied by a ‘crystal tones’ singing bowls sound bath.

    Please feel free to include any crystals from your personal collection in your practice. You will also want to have a journal handy, as well as filtered water to intentionally hydrate after the sound healing *

  • *ALL Access Ticket Holders Only

11am – Sunaina Rangnekar

  • Honoring Indian Culture in the Modern Yoga WorldOften, you see small touches of India and hints of South East Asia when you venture into the modern yoga world. Join Sunaina, a Tamil-American teacher/student of Yoga, for a workshop on cultural awareness and mindfulness of sacred objects. How do they shape your understanding of your Highest-Self.

12pm – Nina Boswell Brown

  • Seated Progressive Flow YogaThis class can be practissed in a chair or a wheelchair and will focus on gently building on movements so you can find the level that works for you. We will move with the breath; awakening, stretching and releasing the upper body and relaxing the mind. Using sequences is wonderful for concentration and coordination, kind to our joints and brings life force to the body and mind. I hope you enjoy this class!

    For wheelchair users or those with balance issues, you may need a belt to loosely secure you to your chair at chest height (for forward movements or upward motions of the arms) which you can have in place and adjust if necessary throughout the class.

    For those using a chair, you may like to have a block under each foot to bring your knees to hip height.

1pm – Alex Beckman

  • Sound BathLie down and immerse yourself in the sonic landscape of gongs, singing bowls and other overtone emitting instruments. Through mindful listening and positive intention, we allow sound to guide us into deeply relaxing, healing, and meditative states of consciousness. Alex uses his knowledge of reiki, sound and meditation to help facilitate one’s own self healing process. Sound and silence are used to nurture an awakened and harmonious relationship with the present moment.
    This session is part of our ALL ACCESS ticket offering. Your purchase of this ticket supports SOULFest and our mission to keep yoga and wellness inclusive, informative, and accessible to all.
  • *ALL Access Ticket Holders Only

2pm – Adrienne Enns

Adrienne founder of May You Know Joy

  • Intention Setting with Card PullingIn this fun and inspiring workshop, Adrienne Enns, creator of May You Know Joy cards will do a live card pull for the group. She will share how to use cards and intention setting to shift your mindset and your life when you’re off the mat. In her recovery from addiction, she learned that simple practices like these can have a profound and cumulative effect over time. Join Adrienne to learn how to incorporate these tools into your daily rituals.

4pm – Seane Corn & panel

  • The Future of Yoga
*ALL Access Ticket Holders Only


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